Behaviour and Rewards

We expect our children to behave themselves. As in all things, high expectations produce high results. However, it would be foolish to believe that all of our children behave all of the time! We always challenge unacceptable behaviour.

We operate a positive rules system. These rules are displayed in all classrooms at all times, and every opportunity is taken to reinforce them.

It is always necessary within any orderly community that a form of discipline needs to exist.

School discipline revolves around the 3 ‘C’s – Care, Courtesy and Consideration. We expect children to develop these positive attributes towards people and property during their school lives.

When we do experience problems of discipline the unacceptable behaviour is checked in a quiet, constructive manner. The children are encouraged to act and work in a self-disciplined, industrious, co-operative, caring but enjoyable atmosphere according to a negotiated school Code of Behaviour. This Code of Behaviour is seen as a continuous process of development – our “hidden curriculum”.There is a clear traffic light sanction emphasising that the children themselves choose how to behave as they understand both the rewards and the sanctions.

We have a home/school contract which explains our commitment and we ask parents to read and sign.

Parents will be contacted to discuss any behavioural problems giving cause for concern.

School Behaviour Policy


We believe in praising the children and recognising success. We have a number of reward schemes for the children:

KS1 Charts:

  • each child has a merit chart and they collect stickers or merits for effort, attitude, behaviour and good work.
  • A full chart earns a prize from the Headteacher.

Star of the Day:

  • Each class selects a Star of the Day.
  • They are selected by teacher or pupils for doing something outstanding that day.

Teachers’ Awards:

  • Teachers give stickers and stamps to recognise pupil’s efforts in their work.
  • These may go in books or on work rather than to the pupil.

Writer of the Week:

  • In Key Stage 1 and 2 a writer is chosen each week for the quality of their work.
  • They receive class house ponits as well as having their writing displayed.

Attendance Certificates:

  • In recognition of 100% attendance each term.

Team Points:

  • All children in school are allocated into a house – Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Children can earn points for their house throughout the week, for good work, participation in sports events.
  • House of the week is announced each week in Friday’s assembly.