Junction Farm Primary School

Computing Club


This half term in computing club children have been using the software Scratch. Scratch enables children to write their own codes to instruct their on screen character to move across the screen. Through building up these codes, children can develop a variety of interactive games and quizzes.

Children have been challenged to design and develop their own game. After exploring Scratch and experimenting with various codes, children are in the process of building their own game. So far we have variety of creations, from Maths quizzes to a ‘Did you laugh?’ comedy animation.

Below are screenshots of some of our games so far.

Scratch image 1Scratch image 2Scratch image 4


You can access an online version of Scratch using the link below. Have a go for yourself and see what you can create.


Take a look at some of the work that our computing club children have been doing at home.
Follow the link below to play Daniel’s game:
Daniel’s Game!