Forest School

Forest School and the Curriculum

Our Forest School at Junction Farm Primary is an excellent resource to enhance children’s learning in all subjects across the National Curriculum. It broadens children’s imaginations and releases their inhibitions in the outdoor environment.

Children have access to explore new skills such as gardening, whittling, building dens, exploring, cutting etc. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to learn with a hands-on approach.

Sciencechildren can explore the outdoor world, habitats, trees, plants, mini-beasts and animals first-hand in our Forest School environment.

Englishchildren can use sensory skills to enhance their thoughts and feelings with enriching vocabulary that will develop their writing. Forest School is a great opportunity for speaking and listening stimulus, whether it is performing or storytelling around the camp fire.

Mathschildren use the Forest School area to measure and compare sticks and trees, look at natural shapes and explore 3D shapes with birdhouses.

Art and DTthe possibilities are endless when enhancing children’s art and design techniques in forest school. From weaving trellis to nailing bird boxes, observational drawing to leaf rubbing.

PSHEuse of the communal, peaceful woodland area is a great setting for children to open up about thoughts and feelings. The logs around the camp fire are perfect for circle time and discussing PSHE topics. Our regular litter-pickers at Forest School club enhance the respect and positivity for looking after our planet.