Governance in Vision Schools 

Each of the schools within Vision Academy Learning Trust have their own Local Governing Body. Each Local Governing Body has a set constitution, governing the types of members and the numbers of members in each category – you can read this information here.

The Local Governing Body at Junction Farm Primary hold our leaders to account for performance, progress and attainment. At a local level we have representation from staff, parents and the wider community.

Each Local Governing Body operates under delegated powers, assigned to them by the Trust Board and has their own Chairperson, elected by peers from the Local Governing Body.

The main task assigned to our Local Governing Bodies is to drive forward attainment and progress within our schools.

A few quotes from our governors:

” The sight of children enjoying what they are doing and learning at the same time, this to me makes the school special. The sense of well being and that every child is treated as an individual also comes across at the school. The politeness of the children and the smiles from the children is a constant delight.”            J. Atkinson

“Junction Farm is special as it has a wide range of talented teachers who all pride themselves to ensure they get the best outcomes for each individual. I love being able to work closely with the staff and children, particularly with EY to help transition from Butterfield.” N.Fish

“Junction Farm is a friendly, inclusive and enthusiastic school. It provides opportunities for each child to excel in their favourite area such as drama, singing, sports and reading.” C Irving  

“As a governor of Junction Farm, I enjoy the opportunity the role offers me, to better understand the day to day running or our school. Junction Farm is a lovely school, with hard working enthusiastic staff who provide a stimulating and exciting environment.” S. Marshall

“We are an amazing team. Every single person is a valuble asset to the team. This means we can all be excellent learners and enjoy academic and other successes.” H. Weldon

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