Junction Farm Primary School


At Junction Farm Primary School, we integrate History into our topic work and throughout other subject areas. Our aims reflect the overall ethos and mission statement of Junction Farm Primary School:-

All of us learning all of the time.

Challenging and achieving.

Making learning fun and engaging.


    • To help children understand the present in the context of the past
    • To be made aware of key figures from the present and the past
    • To arouse interest in the past and encourage questioning and speculation
    • To foster a sense of identity and an increased understanding of pupils’ own position in their own community, in Britain and the world
    • To foster an understanding of various cultural background
    • To contribute to children’s knowledge of how societies and people have developed over time
    • To understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance
    • To enrich and support other areas of the curriculum
    • To prepare pupils for adult life by helping them to understand the nature of the society in which we live

For the full History Policy please CLICK HERE.

Children learn about the past in a creative, cross curricular way e.g. Year 5/6 children learning about Britain in World War 2 may use drama to explore how it would feel to be evacuated, they will build air raid shelters in DT, create propaganda posters in Literacy and use the internet to carry out their own research.

Visits are planned to allow children to experience History at first hand e.g. Year 2 children may visit Beamish and see how life was in Victorian times, Year 3 children will visit York to see how we know so much about The Vikings. This year we are exploring more opportunities for visitors to come into school and speak to the children regarding a specific topic or specialism related to that topic.