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Star Pupils of the Week
Certificates were issued to children who are welcoming to others:
Nursery AM: Amber T & Reuben T
Nursery PM: Tiffinie W & Mason H
Reception Y: Eva M & Zach R
Reception D: Zach &Willow
Year 1F: Harry R & Sophie W
Year 1M: Annie S & Oliver N
Year 2B: Kate L & Eden M
Year 2S: Eesa Z & Ceitidh M
Year 3D: Anaya C & Maisie W
Year 3N: Hamet T & Zac
Year 4D: Lucia RG & Eva H
Year 4W: Rhys W & Reece B
Year 5C: Faredah E & Archie D
Year 5H: Luke M & Sam W
Year 6L: Heidi M & Noah G
Year 6P: Charlie J & Olivia F
EMS: Ruben F

13th Nov- Reception Phonics Afternoon- 2:15-3:00pm
11th Nov – Parents drop in Open Evening (Nursery – Year 6)
12th Nov- Y5/6 Sports hall Athletics
18th Nov-22nd – Year 6 Bike Ability
21st Nov – Year 6 Road Safety Quiz
21st Nov – Year 5C Class Assembly (2:50pm)
22nd Nov – Christmas Fair (3.30pm start)
25th & 26th – Year 6 Bike Ability
4th Dec – Reception and Nursery AM Nativity – 9:30am
5th Dec – Reception and Nursery PM Nativity – 1:30pm
10th Dec- Early Years Elf Trail @ Wynyard Hall
11th/12th Dec- KS1 Production – 5:30pm
12th Dec – Year 5H Class Assembly (2:50pm)
16th Dec – Nursery and Reception Christmas Party
17th Dec – KS1 Christmas Party
18th Dec – LKS2 (Y3/4) Christmas Party
19th Dec – UKS2 (Y5/6) Christmas Party
19th Dec – Christmas Jumper Day
20th Dec – Staff Training Day

Children in Need
Next Friday (15th Nov) is Children in Need and children have the option to come dressed in spots or wear a spotty item for a donation of £1. We look forward to seeing lots of spots around school – all for a great cause.

Year 6 Bike Ability
Letters and consent forms have been sent out today regarding bike ability. There are 2 separate groups so please look at your child’s dates. Thank you.

Parents drop in Open Evening (Nursery – Year 6)
On Monday evening, we have our Open Evening for Nursery – Year 6 from 4pm until 6pm. Parents are invited into school to have an informal chat with teachers and look at children’s work. This is a good opportunity to see how your child has settled into their current year group. If you require a more confidential meeting with the teacher to discuss any specific concerns, please contact the class teacher for a separate appointment.

Year 5 – Meet the Author: Andy Stanton
Year 5 were fascinated and entertained by the hilarious Andy Stanton on Monday, at Teesside High. He shared stories from his past, discussed his writing endeavours and shared his future projects. Throughout the afternoon, his was inspirational. We are still laughing at his jokes four days later…

Early Years
This week’s Julia Donaldson story has been ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’. It has led to lots of discussions about daily routines and the children have been able to talk about things that they do in the day time and things that they do at night time, The children have also enjoyed lots of mark making and writing using chalks and paints as we have been learning about Bonfire night earlier in the week. Next week’s story will be ‘The Gruffalo’.

Crater Stories – Art Project
We are very excited to be part of a light and sound artwork for the Nightfall event in Preston Park. An artist is coming into school on Wednesday to record children’s stories for the exhibition on the 5th and 6th December 2019 – follow the above link for tickets.
If children want to be part of this event – there is still time. Please send your stories into school by Wednesday 13th November 9:00. The artist is going to create colourful illuminated ‘moon craters’ which will give forth stories and myths about the moon, created and spoken by local people. The short stories could tell us
• What do you see in the full moon?
• Who you think the man or woman in the moon is?
• Why is the moon made of cheese?
• What is the moons relationship with the sun and where does it go in daytime?
• What made those craters and what lives in them or on the dark side of the moon?
• What do you think about when moon gazing?

Please send your written stories to Miss Bligh with your name on for your chance to record your thoughts for the exhibition. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Christmas Fair – Friday 22nd November CHANGE OF DATE!
Please note, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to change the date of the Christmas Fair to Friday 22nd November.
We would really appreciate your help and support to make this event a success, as it raises much needed funds for the school. If every family was able to donate just one item; such as a box of chocolates, a tin of biscuits or a bottle of wine, it would make such a huge difference! Please can we ask for any donations to be brought into school by Tuesday 19th November (at the latest), for the attention of Mrs Connelly. Thank you!

Easy Fundraising –
Thank you – we now have 85 supporters and have raised £228.57 so far please can I encourage as many people as possible to register and use this site for your Christmas purchases.
If you are Christmas shopping online, can I ask that you register with easy funding on the following link .
It doesn’t cost you a penny but it enables us to gain cashback for every purchase that you make from this site, so far we have received £212 towards our Muga and we are now continuing to raise funds for the fence around it. If you look at the site there are hundreds of shops registered and I am sure you could complete most of your Christmas shopping by using this site – for example GAME, Argos, Amazon, ebay, shopDisney, LEGO, Hobbycraft, Mothercare, John Lewis, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sports Direct, Boots, Boden, Currys PC World, asos, Next, Very, Clarks, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Next, Lakeland, Apple, SKY, TESCO, Sainsburys, ASDA, Dominoes Pizza. You can even use it to book travel arrangements –,,, TUI, & Travel Lodge. It’s really easy to use, even I can do it!! As I say it, doesn’t cost you a penny, we just get a percentage of your purchase. Thank you in hope of your donations. – Karen Norton

Well done to both teams who competed in the netball tournament. Overall team 1 came first in the whole tournament and then 2 came 4th. Both teams played brilliantly and have shown great progress from the start of the tournament.

Children Cycling
We have a number of children who cycle to and from school at the moment, which is great and I fully support this. But we have a number of children who are not wearing cycling helmets and their level of cycling proficiency may not be as strong as it could be especially when cycling on / near main roads. Please instil in your children to always wear a cycling helmet and to ride safely and not at great speed.

Dogs on site
As the majority of you know I adore dogs and love the fact that many of you walk your children to school with the family pets. Please remember though that dogs are NOT allowed on the school yard. We have a dog friendly zone where you can leave dogs down the main walkway to the office and the other side of the wooden fence so that dogs are safely tied inside the school grounds but not near children. Could I ask parents NOT to encourage children to pet the dogs or crowd round them as this could cause undue stress. Also please don’t leave dogs by the scooter / bike racks as children have to walk in this area and we have a number who are really scared of them Thank you for your cooperation.

Star points
1st Leo with 160 star points
2nd Orion with 140 star points
3rd Pheonix with 120 star points
4th Draco with 60 star points

Congratulations to Leo!! 