Junction Farm Primary School

Key Dates

Week beginning Event
Friday 1st September


No children at school – 3 hours First Aid training followed by a meeting then time in classrooms
4th September 5th Sept – Y6 Crucial Crew

6th Sept – Mobile Library KS1 Visit

7th Sept – 4-5pm – Parents Information Evening with Class teachers

11th September 14th Sept – EY – Smarty Pilates Superhero Pilates linked to Superworm story. 10.30 am
18th September 19th Sept Y5/6 trip to Eden Camp

22nd Sep Individual photos

25th September 27th Sept – Y 5/6C Class Assembly – 10.30am

27th Sept – Mobile Library LKS2 and Reception Visit

29th Sept – Macmillan Coffee Morning

2nd October
9th October 13th Year 3/ 4 Seven Stories at Yarm School
16th October 18th October – Mobile Library KS1 Visit

18th October – Y5/6L Class Assembly -10.30am

19th October – Halloween Disco

20th is a PD Day – Teachers in school for Performance Management. AC & SB also in school.

Half Term
30th  October KS1 Fire Engine Visit to school
6th November Parents Open Evening

EY trip to Hardwick Park- The Gruffalo Trail date TBC

8th November – Mobile Library LKS2 and Reception Visit

13th November Phunky Foods KS1 Visit

15th November – Y5/6D Class Assembly

20st November
27th November 29th November – Mobile Library KS1 Visit

Thursday 30th November – Year 3 and 4 trip to Beamish.

Friday 1st Dec   is a Trust Day – All off site.

4th December KS1 Prince and Princess Ball

6th December – Y4H Class Assembly

7th – Christmas Concert

8th – Christmas Fair

11th December 11th Dec – KS1 Dress Rehearsal (pm)

11th – KS1 Christmas performance 6pm

12th Dec – KS1 Christmas performance 6pm

12th Dec EY Nativity Dress Rehearsal 1:30pm

13th EY Nativity Reception & Nursery AM- 9:30am

14th EY Nativity Reception & Nursery PM- 1:30pm

18th December 19th Dec – EY Christmas Party

20th Dec – KS1 Christmas Party

20th December – Mobile Library Book Return Day (All Year Groups)

21st Dec – LKS2 Christmas Party

22nd Dec– UKS2 Christmas Party