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Non-Curriculum Policies

Policies are reviewed on a regular basis. They are updated on the school website after this process has taken place. If you have any problems accessing a policy please contact school. If you require a paper copy of any of the policies, we can provide one free of charge.

Please select a link below to download a policy:

COVID-19 Policies and Addendums

Accessibility Plan 2018-2021

Admission Policy for September 2019

Anti Bullying Policy 2019

Attendance Policy 2019

Behaviour Policy 2019

Charging and Remissions

Child Protection Policy 2020 (This policy will be ratified by the Local Governing Body in the next Meeting).

Addendum to Child Protection Policy due to the circumstances of COVID-19.

Complaints Concerns 2018-20

Designated teacher LAC and PLAC 2019


Exclusions Policy 2018-20

First Aid Policy

Food Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Online Safety Policy April 2020

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy 2019

SEND Policy

Whistle Blowing