Pupil Premium

Date of next Pupil Premium Strategy Review – September 2018

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure 2016-17 – Click Link

Junction Farm Pupil Premium Expenditure 15-16 – Click Link

Intended use of PPG spending 2017/18:

Pupil Premium within Junction Farm is based around the whole child ensuring health and well- being are covered as well as academic and personal achievement.

Funding Available: £44, 119
Number of pupils: 38
Breakfast Club funded for PP children who require it to ensure they have a positive start to each school day.
To fund after school activities to ensure children have the opportunities to attend sport / dance / drama / craft clubs outside of the school curriculum.
Fund music tuition to allow all children the opportunity to play a musical instrument
Provide a Chess lunchtime club in school to develop children’s reasoning, mathematical and resilience skills.
Detailed tracking in place
Targeting PP children to achieve greater depth in key subject areas.
Weekly 1:1 dedicated time with a TA to work on individual targets receiving personal tuition.
To fund educational visits and 90% of the cost of residential trips so that cost is not a barrier to children accessing these visits.
To enable our LAC children to attend the Primary LAC Hub each half term so that our LAC children don’t feel isolated.


Deputy Head responsible for PP
Half termly tracking
Detailed spreadsheet showing targets, data, provision and costings.
PP voice monitored termly.
PP reported to LGB half termly
Pupil progress meetings between HT and staff termly.
Pupil Progress reported to parents termly.