School Performance

SATs Scores

Year 6 Sat Results.

I am really pleased with how our children have risen to the huge challenge of learning a 4 year curriculum in 2 years and facing very rigorous tests based on this new curriculum.

They all approached the tests with enthusiasm, drive and determination which to be honest is no great surprise knowing our gorgeous children.

Nationally the picture is not great, but we must remember that this year’s results cannot be compared with historical level results as there is no correlation.

National average expected results are as follows:-

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar – 72%

Reading – 66%

Writing – 74%

Mathematics – 70%

Our results received on Tuesday are as follows Grades Reading Writing Spag Maths
Greater Depth N/A 29% N/A N/A
Expected 92% 89% 92% 92%
Not Expected 8% 11% 8% 8%
Top Score was 120 the % of children in our school who scored over 110. 46% 30% 30%

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TOP 100

Super News! The Times published a list of the TOP 100 state Primary Schools in the country based on English & Maths KS2 SAT scores aggregated between 2010 and 2012, and we made it on to the list!!!


Primary School League Tables

The National League Tables for all Primary Schools in England were published on the 12th December 2014. I was contacted by the Gazette for a quotation as we have been ranked 48th out of all the schools in the country, top in Stockton schools. Obviously this is a tremendous achievement and we are all highly delighted, but I have to stress this result is a total team effort, keen & eager children wanting to learn, amazingly hardworking staff, highly supportive parents & supportive but challenging Governors.

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Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through school Self-Evaluation.
RAISEonline provides interactive analysis of school and pupil performance data.

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Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of performance in a school, college or other further education and skills providers. The dashboard can be used by governors and by members of the public to check performance of the school or provider in which they are interested.

The Data Dashboard complements the Ofsted inspection report by providing a summary of results data over a three year period and comparisons to other schools or providers. The data should be used by governors to generate key questions to support and challenge the leadership team.

Users are asked to refer to the guidance document and FAQs for additional information on the measures contained in the reports.

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