Sport and Competitions

Sport is a massive part of life and Junction Farm and we include everyone in sporting events.






Across KS1 and KS2 we have level 1 competitions each half term that the sports leaders run. Here are some pictures from our more recent competitions.







We also pride ourselves on how active we are as a school. Across school children take part in active playtimes each day, the daily mile each day and wake up and shake up each day. As a school we also enter in to numerous festivals across different year groups so that children can learn more skills.

GTMA children are constantly praised with their out of school achievements whether it is via our school Facebook page or via the weekly newsletter. We also have weekly clubs to challenge the GTMA sports children.

The children at Junction Farm enjoy taking part in the competitions within our local area and really challenge themselves to get through the different stages of competitions. Here are some of our more recent competitions we have entered.













Our main week in Sport is Sports Week and this happens every year. We have a range of activities that go on across school including fencing, rock climbing and hoopstars. We also have our sports day within this week and it is held at Middlesbrough Sports Village. This gives the children an experience of competition on a track and all children enjoy the day.