Junction Farm Primary School

Year 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 1! The curriculum for this half term is based on the theme ‘Once Upon A Time’. We are adopting a topic based approach where we will be trying to link all areas of learning together.

Topic Overview 1-2 Once Upon a Time


It is now expected that children can produce a cursive style of writing by the end of Year 2. Your child’s class teacher will give you a copy of the style we are using in school.  Please encourage your child to use this style when completing writing at home and homework.  A pencil is the best tool for this.


It is essential to read on a regular basis with your child. When you have completed a book with your child, please sign their reading record and comment on their reading (any words they found difficult, and vocabulary they didn’t understand etc.).  Children need to bring a book bag and their book everyday as we read with the children in school.  Books will be changed on a Monday and a Friday.  If reading records have not been signed, we will not know to change the book and therefore it will not be changed.


Your child will receive homework every Tuesday, this will include spellings which will be tested on a Friday. Please return homework not later than Monday morning for marking.  Your support in this will be a great help. If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s homework please feel free to contact us. We aim for homework to take around 20 minutes per piece so if your child is taking considerably longer, stop them after 20 minutes and we will be able to see what they can do in that time.


P.E. lessons take place on Monday and Friday for Year 1H, Monday and Wednesday for 1S, Monday and Wednesday for Year 2W and Wednesday and Thursday for 2E. Kit consists of the school t-shirt, black/navy shorts and trainers (not plimsolls). Football shirts are not appropriate. As some of the work will be outdoor, children will also need a jumper and jogging bottoms as the weather becomes colder. Due to health and safety reasons, children with no PE kit will not be able to take part.  To avoid this this we’d like to keep all kits in school and return them at holiday time for washing. If children cannot remove their own earrings, please provide plasters to cover them for safety in PE lessons.  It is the expectation that children can dress themselves quickly and independently.


After School Clubs

As usual there will be many ‘After School Clubs’ starting up. It is important that your child attends any club they have signed up for each week. If they cannot attend for a particular reason please inform school by phone or a written note. Please make sure your child is collected on time. All dates for each club are on the timetable provided at the beginning of each half term. Please double check the start and finish dates for the clubs.  If your child is attending a club where they will need a sports kit, they’ll need to bring this from home and not use their PE kit.  Places at clubs are awarded on a first come, first served basis.


Playtime Snack

As we are a ‘Healthy School’ children are encouraged to bring a named water bottle to school to keep in the classroom so that they can have a drink when they need one. This is cleaned and filled with fresh water on a daily basis for your child. As your child is in Key Stage 1 they also get a free piece of fruit each day, the fruit is available for your child to help themselves to at morning break.


As always, we will be closely monitoring the progress your child is making and there will be termly assessments. There are two extremely important assessments which you need to be aware of.  Year 1 complete a phonics screening in June which is a national test.  Your support in helping your child with Letters and Sounds would be very beneficial.  Year 2 have SATs to complete which are also national tests and they take place in May.  Due to these being national tests, it is especially important that your child attends school at this time.



It is still lovely and warm at the moment and children get hot being busy at school and may need to remove jumpers/cardigans. Please ensure jumpers and cardigans are clearly labelled so they can be quickly returned to the right person in good time.  The same also applies to hats, scarves and gloves.

Show & Tell

We love showing items related to our topic so would be grateful of anything you have which would promote learning.

PG Movies

We sometimes feel that some extracts of certain films would help our children to develop their imagination or give them an experience of things that we couldn’t possibly do in real life. Some of these films are rated PG.  Before showing anything which is not rated U, we will inform you in the notes section of the homework sheet so that you can give us any feedback on this.  Rest assured, we will not show anything of an unsuitable nature.

Arriving and leaving school

In Key Stage One we teach your child to be independent. Part of this includes lining up on the yard with their friends in the correct class line and coming into school without a parent/carer.  Please do not follow your child into school.  If you need to speak to a teacher, a quick message is welcomed but please book an appointment through the office if a longer time is required.  If you’d like to speak with us at the end of the day, please ensure you wait until all the children have been dismissed.  All children must stay in their class line and will be sent to you one at a time.  The teacher knows who has permission to collect your child so please wait patiently away from the line.

Food allergies

This year we have a child in Key Stage One with a serious food allergy and a group of children with dietary requirements. This means that we need to ask you NOT to supply birthday cake etc. for your child’s birthday.  We’re sure you’ll agree that ensuring everyone is safe is the best course of action.


We look forward to having your continued support for this exciting and fun year,


Key Stage 1 Team