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Curriculum Intent:

  • To provide the children with a more balanced Geography focus within Topic to ensure coverage is balanced between Geography and History. New topics such as: Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Whitby, China etc.
  • To provide more trips with access to exploring our world.
  • To create and build confidence for staff teaching specific objectives.
  • To develop a thorough assessment procedure and ensure staff are confident teaching and assessing Geography
  • To gain more clarity on what ‘mastery’ Geography consists of
  • To create a culture where children becoming more ‘globally-minded’
  • To improve the consistency of explicit Geography displays in classrooms
  • To bring Geography ‘to life’ across school through ‘Active Geography’
  • To cover or consolidate curriculum objectives through the new topics
  • To analyse data termly
  • Whole school Long term Plan meetings to ensure History and Geography Topics have equal opportunity for coverage.

Curriculum Implementation:

  • To encourage and organise a trips across school (example – Roseberry Topping in Year 5)
  • To carry out a learning walk in each Term (Autumn, Spring, Summer)
  • To collate information and opinion across school through a Staff Questionnaire
  • To research surrounding Mastery in Geography and develop an assessment tool (discuss with History lead)
  • Attend Academy meetings to discuss assessment in Geography
  • Email other contacts surrounding Assessment and Mastery in their schools.
  • To plan a Geography themed week after last year’s success (This year focussing on map skills and creating an exciting and active activity)
  • To order a globe for every classroom ensuring the children can use this as reference on a day to day basis.
  • To order a Geography Teaching book accessible for staff

Curriculum Impact:

  • Overall, Children enjoying new topics through pupil voice.


  • Trips including Roseberry Topping trip carried out with great success


  • Displays have developed through feedback and now evident in classrooms – specifically linked to new Geography topics.