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Governor Register of Interests

See below the register of interests of our governing body for the academic year 2019/20. Governors interests are declared at every meeting and the register is updated annually.

NAME OF SCHOOL: Junction Farm Primary
NAME, Category & Responsibility Term of Office Nature of Interest:
Declaration Date Pecuniary Interest (you or a close connection) Governor in another school/education establishment Spouse, partner or relative working in school or with business interest
Karen Norton
Head Teacher
10/06/2019 31/07/2008 No No Daughter employed as Teacher Junction Farm   Christian Carson Chorres Coffee shop & Deli
Ian Clayton
Staff Governor
18/06/2019 04/10/2015 – 28/11/2020 No No No
Stephen Anderson
Co-opted Governor
07/06/2019 16/12/2019 – 15/12/2022 No No No
John Atkinson
Co-opted Governor
03/07/2019 17/10/19 – 16/10/22 No Yes – Oxbridge Primary No
Nicola Fish
Co-opted Governor
28/11/2019 17/10/19 – 16/10/22 No No Employee at Butterfield Pre Nursery school
Josie Graham
Parent Governor
10/06/2019 4/3/2016 – 3/3/2020 RESIGNED 8/11/19 Employed at Raby Estates Yes – Board Member Vision Academy Learning Trust Sole trader Fundamental Design & Marketing
Simon Honeywell
Parent Governor
06/12/2019 5/4/2017 – 4/4/2021 No No No
Nick Dollings
Parent Governor
21/11/2019 3/10/18 – 2/10/2022 No No Head teacher at Trimdon Primary School
Shabana Marshall
Parent Governor
07/06/2019 5/7/2018 – 4/7/2022 No No No
Helen Weldon
Co-opted Governor
26/11/2018 17/10/19 – 16/10/2022 No No No
To ensure full transparency, Governors must declare all business interests as well as the details of any other educational establishments they govern.   The register must also set out any relationships between governors and members of the schools staff including spouses, partners and relatives. It is important to address any perception of a conflict of interests by making clear where such potential personal or pecuniary interests might apply; this might be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the school when dealing with outside organisations or individuals.
Note 1. Pecuniary interest includes current employment, businesses (of which partner/proprietor), company directorship, charity trusteeship and other conflict.
Note 2. Personal Interests can also include business involvement/company directorship or trusteeships or family or close connections to the governor (for example a company the school might have contracts with).
Historical Governors Register of Interest Records

17_18 JUN Governors Interests Register