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Star Pupils of the Week

Certificates were issued to children who show respect to adults:

Nursery AM: Kieran B & Esme M
Nursery PM: Georgia C

Reception D: Pearl W & Tom W

Reception Y: Olivia H & Vinnie D

Y1B: Christian H & Erin R
Y1F:  Summer M.S & Florence C

Y2S: Eleanor B & Harry R

Y2T:  Ellenor C and Azaan J

Y3C: Alex W & Sophie B

Y3D: Imogen R & Kieran C

Y4J: Fletcher C & Gethin C

Y4W: Grace B & Elliott W

Y5C: Scarlett A & Roxanne M

Y5H: Kelsey H & Bella C

Y6L: Joshua K & Sam L

Y6P: Adam B-T & Saira M

EMS: Sebastian B


Diary Dates

Friday 20th November – Interim Reports to Parents/Carers.

Monday 7th December – Nursery AM Christmas Party.

Tuesday 8th December – Nursery PM Christmas Party.

  • A different Christmas lunch

Wednesday 9th December – Reception Christmas Party.

Thursday 10th December – Year 1 Christmas Party.

Friday 11th December – Year 2 Christmas Party.

Monday 12th December – Year 3 Christmas Party.

Tuesday 13th December – Year 4 Christmas Party.

Wednesday 14th December – Year 5 Christmas Party.

Thursday 15th December – Year 6 Christmas Party.

Friday 16th December – Term Cards to Parents/Carers.

                                       Christmas Jumper Day


Star points

Our weekly totals are as follows:

Draco: 680 star points

Leo: 850 star points

Orion: 860 star points

Phoenix: 780 star points.

Well done to Orion!


Covid Reminders

  • If one member of your household is showing symptoms / or is having a test, the WHOLE family MUST self-isolate for 14 days, this is a legal requirement.
  • If anyone in your family goes for a test, please inform school asap, via the email address , we also need to know the test result. Please keep us informed over weekends and holidays, the email account is checked daily.

  • Year 1B returns Thursday 26th November.
  • Year 6L –half class isolating returns Monday 30th November


COVID-19 Appeal – Stockton-on-Tees

A message from Stockton-on-Tees: We CAN get control of coronavirus and bring our local infection rate down but only if we all work together. Councillors from across the political spectrum have come together with senior police, fire, health, VCSE representatives along with our Bright Minds Big Future (BMBF) representative Netanya Alwis to help get this message across ‘Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Protect Stockton-on-Tees.’


Early Years Staffing News

Miss Yeoman will start her maternity leave on Thursday 3rd December. We all wish her well for the arrival of her baby next year.

Mrs Maycock is going to cover the maternity leave. She is an experienced Early Years Teacher, having lead Early Years in her previous school and she knows Junction Farm school having worked here from Easter . She will therefore take on the Leadership of EY from Miss Briston from 4th December. If from the 4th December you need to speak to a member of staff please continue to use the info email address and ask for class teacher initially and then escalate it to Mrs Maycock should you need to discuss the matter further.


Dangerous Parking Appeal – Stockton-On-Tees

Parents and carers are being urged to carefully consider where they park when dropping off or picking up their children from school. Parking close to schools may be even more challenging than usual with many schools operating staggered start and finish times, but it is more important than ever for parents and carers to do their bit to park sensibly so children can get to school safely.


Please DO NOT park over the single yellow line (between 8:30-9:30 and 2:30-4:00), on the yellow zigzag lines or in school carparks. Drivers are also asked to avoid parking on grass verges. Any incidents of grass verge parking or inconsiderate parking outside schools can be reported to or by calling 01642 528439.


Christmas Cards

As we approach Christmas, we usually put the post box out for children to send Christmas cards to each other. Due to current circumstances, we are unable to do this. We will allow children to write one Christmas card to their class. This will then be displayed in the classroom.


Christmas Jumper Day

The last day of term will be ‘Christmas Jumper Day’, this is where you can wear your favourite Christmas jumper, please don’t go out and buy one just for the occasion, you could just add a bit of tinsel on to the school jumper if you would prefer.

Please donate money straight to the TFM charity “Cash For Kids”. We will not be doing our annual present drop off, but by donating money, the charity will buy the presents themselves and give to children in our region who wake up with nothing on Christmas Day. Let’s share the love this Christmas and give generously. Thank you.


Cross Country

Below are the results of our in-school cross country competition. This is showing the top 6 in each year group. Our results have been sent over to the Stockton Sports Partnership so they can calculate the overall results. At the minute they are still waiting for other schools to complete their cross country competition. As soon as I hear the overall results I will post them on the newsletter.





Y3 Girls                           Y3 Boys

Y4 Girls                          Y4 Boys


Y5 Girls                         Y5 Boys


Y6 Girls                         Y6 Boys


Early Years

This week’s story was Jill Murphy’s ‘Whatever Next’ as we continued to learn about space. The children have enjoyed retelling the story, investigating moon craters and building our own space rockets. Next week we will be reading ‘Aliens love underpants’ and beginning to prepare the children for Christmas celebrations.


Christmas Parties

These will go ahead this year, children need to enjoy Christmas!! Please see the calendar for dates.

They will obviously run a little differently. There will be NO food, it will be a games and activity afternoon.

The parties will be in Year groups BUT they will be socially distanced still in classes, one class in the hall the other in the studio and games will be played in groups of 15 maximum. Children can wear party clothes on the day of the party but they must come to school in them and go home in them, there will be no changing at lunchtime. So please ensure children wear sensible footwear.


Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunch will be on Tuesday 8th December. Unfortunately it isn’t the usual Christmas Dinner due to not eating lunches in the hall. The choices are a turkey Baguette with optional stuffing and cranberry sauce, a turkey sausage roll, a vegetarian wellington, jacket potato or sandwich. A Parent Mail will be coming out shortly to indicate numbers so cook can plan for the day.


Right of the Week

Next week the article we will be looking at will be:

Article 16 – The right to privacy – Every child has the right to privacy. The law should protect the child’s private, family and home life, including protecting children from unlawful attacks that harm their reputation.


Anti-Bullying Week.

We started off this week with many children wearing their odd socks to show that we are the same but also different. During our assembly, we focussed on the theme ‘United against bullying’ that was followed up by individual classes focusing on positive relationships and friendships outlining the different ways we can be positive with one another. Some examples are that some classes decorated odd socks and thought about a way that they can be kind to others. Another class thought about how they could spread kindness amongst one another. Some classes have written recipes for their perfect friendship.