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Physical Education

Curriculum Intent:

What do we want our children to walk away with at the end of the year?

  • Children at Junction Farm will have a better understanding about why Physical activity is so important to everyday life.
  • Children will access high quality physical education and this makes a vital contribution to pupils’ physical development and well-being.
  • A broad and balanced physical education curriculum, giving the children an opportunity to experience a range of physical activities and progress and achieve within them.
  • Children will develops a wide range of skills from self-esteem to problem solving.
  • All children will have a minimum of 2 hours high quality Physical Education and sport within a week. Children will also take part in 30 minutes of extra activity within the school day.


Curriculum Implementation:

How will we do this?

  • Quality first teaching with many opportunities for CPD
  • Theory lesson as well as practical lessons
  • Monitoring of the quality of teaching through work scrutiny, planning, acquisition of skills and pupil voice
  • A range of extra-curricular activities
  • Annual sports week
  • Develop progression of skills, knowledge and understanding document
  • Data analysis
  • Monitoring take up from after school clubs
  • Enter a wide range of competitions and festivals


Curriculum Impact:

What do we want the impact to be?

  • Evidence of the progression of skills in PE books.
  • To gain a wide range of experiences in different sports
  • Children to enthusiastically talk about PE and sport at school
  • High attainment and progress for all children, supported through relevant intervention.
  • Quality evidence of work across school on display and on social media: share with parents and stakeholders.
  • More children achieving Mastery
  • More children take part in after school clubs in school and outside of school. This will be measured at the end of autumn term. Children not accessing clubs will be targeted to attend a lunch time club
  • Staff feel more confident at teaching different sports within PE. This can be measured by a questionnaire
  • Continue to be successful at Cluster events, Stockton finals and Tees Valley finals