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Welcome to Junction Farm Blog:


In Junction Farm its anti-bullying week it is where we learn about all different types of bullying such as physical bullying, verbal bullying and cyber bullying. We also learned about how everyone is equal.


This week Year 5H have been working hard on their class assembly about living on the edge which is about volcanoes and earthquakes. In this assembly you will hear fantastic facts and terrific poems. Don’t forget to be here at 2:45 PM on Thursday. By Jack F

E-Cadets:We are here to help

As E-Cadets we need to make sure that every pupil in Junction Farm Primary School are safe on the internet. We are hoping to make sure that our job can help children understand the ways of using the internet. Children in our school mainly use power point in there ICT lessons and they may use the internet to access photos and images but they might see something really inappropriate online. So we are here to make sure they can talk to the right people to solve their problem.

By Amelia C and Madiha Q


 Playing on the internet can be fun, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure you are only talking to people you know in the real world, not online. Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft are all examples of online chatting games. A lot of people are unaware of the true identities of who they are communicating with.

Sometimes, people say they are someone one who they are not, and this is why you need to be aware of the dangers of the internet.

E-safety by Katie


All of the children from Junction Farm who took part in the chess competition at The Links are wished many of their congratulations on winning their first ever competition. All the hard work has obviously paid off!!!! By Sophie B

Our New School Uniform Update

As things stand at this moment in time we are doing well in deciding our new school uniform. Some people are wanting a new school uniform as a change, but some people do not agree.Here are some quotes:

Kaylan: year 5/6D – ‘ I think it is a bad idea because year 5 children will only have one year left to wear it .I do think it is a very smart school uniform’

Sophie B:5/6D- ‘I think the ties look smart and I am getting a posh one with no elastic.’

The uniform is navy blue and yellow. By Kaylan


Congratulations to everyone who went to the Teesside high athletics competition on Friday 18th May 2018.It was a great experience for everyone and they were all split into 3 groups to the do 4 events: 400m run, 50m sprint, rounder/cricket throwing and long jump. Junction Farm Primary did exceptionally well and they all had great fun.   By Sophie B

KS1 and KS2 Level 1 Sport Event

On the 26th of March,KS1 and KS2 approached a sporting event help by KS2 and KS1 leaders .In this event, Children  were taught how to use teamwork and how fun sport can be . The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Aimee, one of the KS2 Leaders,quoted saying ‘’That  this event was extremely helpful for the children  and I hope we were able to help them achieve their goals in sporting.everyone had fun well I hope they did ks1 were doing basket ball and ks2 were doing benchball well done to the winners of the certificates wich were given out for good team work self believe and over good qualities basket balls were flying in hoops and balls were thrown everywere people were enjoying it and hoping the next one would be as good.

Easter Egg Competition

All of the Easter eggs were amazing and some might even say egg-cellent. Our guest judge, Mr Bob Fischer from Radio Tees, has helped us decide our winners. After some very long conversations and a very hard decision the teachers and our guest judge, have narrowed down the winners.

In third place for the adults, Mr Bean’s Brexit by Mr Newman;

In second place for the adults, Unicorn by Mrs Smith;

In first place for the adults, Brexit by Mrs Dawson.

All winners have received a chocolate Easter egg. All of the entries were fantastic and Junction Farm thanks every person who was involved. There were also winners for the children who were announced in assembly. YUM YUM CHOCOLATE!

By Katie and Jess


On Thursday KS2 took part in skateboarding. We were all taught lots of amazing tricks and the instructor was able to jump over a stack of skateboards. We learnt how to turn, move and push the skateboard. He told us what inspired him to start skateboarding and when you find something you love stick with it. We all really enjoyed skateboarding.

By Jessica v.d.G and Dyma.S

School Sports-Chris Tomlinson Event

On Friday the 24th Feb Sports for school came to Junction Farm and we did all of our activities with the one and only Chris Tomlinson! Chris Tomlinson is a world class long jumper who has jumped many times for Great Britain! He’s also achieved many awards and medals.

His longest jump was a whopping 8.2 metres, which is about as long as our school hall!

Our activities were spotty dogs, press ups, star jumps and mountain climbers.

Afterwards we all had a really interactive assembly which was led by Chris Tomlinson and his assistant, we even had a long jump competition! Over all, we all had a really good time doing the activities and the assembly and we all agreed that we’d do it again, if we could!

By Luke H