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Head Teacher – Mrs K Norton
Deputy Head Teacher – Mr I CLayton
Assistant Head Teacher – Mrs H Weldon
Trust Assistant Head Teacher – Miss C Briston

Mrs L Teasdale
Mrs S Copland

Parent Support Advisor
Mrs C Hardy

Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Miss E Relton

Teaching Staff

Miss A Barron – Nursery AM/PM

Miss H Yeoman – Reception Y

Mr B Dalton – Reception D

Miss A McNally  – Year 1M

Mrs R Farman   – Year 1F

Mrs S Bligh   – Year 2B

Miss E Sullivan   – Year 2S

Miss J Norton  – Year 3N

Miss S Dibden  -Year 3D

Mrs H Weldon – 4W

Mr S Dunn – 4D

Mr I Clayton  – Year 5C

Mr K Hutchcraft  – Year 5H

Miss A Lawrence  – Year 6L

Miss E Parvin   – Year 6P

Mrs S Crinnion – Teacher in charge of KS1 & KS2 EMS

Mrs K Macdonald  – PPA Cover

Mrs T Johnston     – PPA Cover

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs L Dawson    – Teaching Assistant in charge of KS1 EMS
Mrs S Badger   – Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Bates   – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Jackson – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Grainge  – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Saunders  – Teaching Assistant
Miss C Jowett   – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Crapper  – Teaching Assistant
Miss A Coleman  – Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Connelly – Teaching Assistant
Miss R Phillips – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Flanigan   – Teaching Assistant
Ms E Mozdyniewicz  – Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime cover
Mrs V McVay   – Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime cover
Ms L Wyatt – Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime cover
Mrs P Whittaker  – Lunchtime cover
Mrs D Carroll   – Lunchtime cover
Mrs T Pottage  – Lunchtime cover
Mrs B Varley  – Lunchtime cover
Mr S Ferens  – Caretaker